Supremes Worst Accessories

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I’m sure you’ve seen my post about my top three Supreme accessories. But if you haven’t seen it yet, then go and check it out, because now I’m gonna be talking about my least favourites. The accessories that just take up space and that people would have no interest in without the word Supreme being plastered (there’s a hint for you) all over it.

Let’s jump into it then, the bottom of the trash pile of accessories:


Supreme Brick

I know that this one is possibly one of the best known accessories from Supreme as its possibly the weirdest. Like, why? Who genuinely wants one of these? What are you gonna do with it? There aren’t enough to build a house out of them, and even if there were you’d be spending a lot more money than it would cost to just use normal bricks. I think ultimately this just shows that people will buy anything with the right branding. I see it as a collectors piece but the amount of people I’ve come across who have just this as an accessory, ridiculous. The worst accessory in my eyes.



Supreme Band-Aids/Plasters

Seriously? Overpriced plasters? Again, collectors I get it. But do you think people are gonna think you’re the guy when you put a plaster that says Supreme on. Nah everyone’s just gonna cringe out and think you’ve got more money than sense. Easily made the list as one of the worst accessories made by Supreme.


Supreme Inflatable Blimp

Literally an inflatable blimp. That you hang from the ceiling. Do I need to say any more?