Have Stranger Things gone too far?

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I’m sure you’ve all seen Stranger Things. If not then I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Especially since they’re doing collabs with every brand ever and shoving every bit of merch, clothing and trainers down our throats. 

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy Stranger Things. In fact every time a new series is released I’m binging it as soon as I can. And when I first saw the Nike collab I fell in love. Especially the Cortez, the designers really banged it with those. But I couldn’t bring myself to add them to my collection. I feel like an amazing collaboration was ruined by the fact that it wasn’t exclusive to Nike. 

H&M and Levis also hit the streets with their own take on the show. I wouldn’t object to that but it was all shoved in front of us like a kid proud of something they made in school. Where you have to pretend you’re amazed but in reality you’re just praying there’s no more to come.

Maybe I’m just getting tired of the hype. But nobody can deny that there’s a lot more going around in collaborations than people want to see.

I do have to say that it’s been a very clever move to re-raise awareness of the show just in time for Stranger Things 3 but I’ve had more than enough of that – and im begging that there is no more to come.

What do you think? Are you over the Stranger Things collabs or are you praying for more?

Hundreds of UNRELEASED YEEZY Samples Shown To The Public – Kanye Forbes Interview:

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In a recent interview with Forbes Magazine, Kanye West (creator and head of Yeezy) has shown hundreds of unreleased samples to the public for the very first time.

Within the interview, Kanye answers questions on the design behind the shoe, as well as he explains it is not all about the sales to him, but the creative design behind each one of his works of art. From this picture alone, we can see hundreds of new silhouettes as well as a variety of colourways yet to release – many of which never will.

An in depth look at this sneaker circle shows the anticipated Yeezy 451 in a variety of styles, coupled with the new Yeezy 350 v3 design, which has also been rumoured to release for a number of months now. Kanye unfortunately sheds no light on which models will be releasing, but we as avid Yeezy fans can only hope for the best and as many to release as possible. 

As Kanye once said, ‘anyone who wants Yeezys, will have Yeezys’ and from the looks of this interview, the amount potentially releasing in the near future could make this statement true. Although I am glad with the amount of upcoming designs of the new shoes, many people disagree as the Yeezy bubble is seemingly going to burst. The more designs out there, the more stock and therefore the hype behind the brands dies, resulting in many resellers and collectors not wanting any new shoes. They feel it is a bad decision for the brand itself as it is edging to more general release rather than the previously limited and hard to come by sneaker. What is your opinion on the situation as a whole, do you like the designs previewed in the interview? Or are you against Yeezy and prefer ‘Checks over Stripes” as Travis Scott said. Voice your opinion below, stay tuned for more upcoming news and releases here at InsideTheTrends.

Did Yeezy Jump over Jumpman?

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“Yeezy , Yeezy, Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman.”

Did it though? Did Kanye’s newborn brand actually overtake the giant that is Jordan?

It was quite a bold claim from a brand that, at the time, had only really been kicking for about a year. With the first Adidas Yeezy shoe hitting the streets on October 29th 2015.

But at the time was Kanye right? 2016-17 was definitely a period where everyone was after  a pair of yeezys, people were managing to sell pairs for $1000+ at a time with the highest price that I could find being $3400 for a pair of 350 pirate blacks.

So I guess Kanye was right when the song came out, but does the statement still stand? Is Yeezy still the more popular/sought after brand?

If you were to go onto many of the online forums for sneakerheads today to ask the question then the likelihood is you’d be chased off by a horde of ‘die-hard’ sneaker and trainer fans telling you the common line “Yeezy is dead”; and with the huge boost for Nike and the Jordan Brand from their Off-White collaboration it’s becoming harder and harder to disagree. Although people are still fans of the Adidas Yeezy, it isn’t a shoe people jump for anymore.

Personally, I would put this down to the lack of exclusivity nowadays. Kanye and Adidas have released too many pairs and colourways for people to get excited anymore. A brand built on hype and exclusivity will struggle to become general release with a constant output of variations.

Jordan Brand was built on performance and athleticism. Born in 1985 under the name of the best player of the era, everyone who paid attention to sports in America wanted a pair of Jordans, so Jordan did what any supplier does; keep up with the demand. Whenever demand was depleted, they would bring forward a newer, more modernised model of shoe. Constantly keeping people excited and wondering what was coming next lead the Jordan Brand to be incredibly successful.

Supply and demand is exactly where Yeezy went wrong, they have begun to over deliver their products, people hardly have a chance to look at the latest model before the next is announced and released. This is vastly different to when Yeezy started, with people constantly in anticipation of the next release.

Yeezy just seem to be digging themselves a deeper hole at this point as well, increasing the prices of their products in a desperate attempt to keep profit margins healthy. A shoe that started around the $200 or £160 mark, all the way up to £220 in the UK and around $280 in the US. The shoes aren’t even worth that much in the resell market in most cases now, so how they think this retail price works is beyond me.

The majority of posts on social media now are all about Jordan now, and currently they are killing the game with constant releases. Yeezys on the other hand are getting more and more hate.

What do you think? Do you prefer the modern brand that is Yeezy? Or do you prefer the giant that is Jordan?

Sneaker Anatomy

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Ever been surrounded by Sneaker Heads and been left clueless by the language of the shoe? Rather than getting your aglets in a twist, check out our handy guide to the anatomy of the sneaker and put yourself on a level with those experienced hype-beasts! (Your aglets are those little plastic or metal bits on the ends of your laces by the way!)

Sneakers are designed in a crazy amount of shapes and sizes, let’s face it, if they were all the same where would the love or hate conversations stem from? When it really boils down to the nitty gritty, nearly all trainers feature the basic parts required to produce an awesome shoe. Here’s our anatomical guide to some of the major parts you might find;

J3 side view labelled.jpg
  1. TOE BOX – On leather sneakers this area is usually perforated and on running shoes you may find nylon. Its usually a well ventilated area to minimise heat build-up.
  2. MIDSOLE- The section between the upper and the outsole. This is where you’ll find a vast amount of the shoes technology.
  3. FOREFOOT- This is the section towards the front of the shoe which sits just below the ball of the foot. You’ll usually find some flexible grooves here to assist with ease of movement.
  4. OUTSOLE- Hard wearing rubber is generally used here. Different brands have different ways of delivering the outsole but most will use     differing outsoles dependant on the shoes designed usage. An example of this would be the circular pattern found around the ball of the foot on a Basketball shoe – the pivot point.
  5. HEEL- Found at the rear of the shoe. Shoe designers concentrate greatly on cushioning this area for maximum comfort.
  6. EYELETS- Used often for speed lacing or t provide added stability
J3 top view labelled.jpg

7. INNERSOLE- Sometimes known as the sockliner, the innersole is there to provide extra cushioning and comfort. Quite often the innersole will include a heel cup and an arch support for stability purposes.

8. TONGUE- On more modern designs, known as the inner sleeve and its there to add support and provide the foot with that custom fit.

9. SHOELACES- There to hold the shoe in place and help us again to gain that custom fit.

10. HEEL PATCH- Prime spot for branding! Whilst it adds support to the makeup of the shoe, it’s an ideal spot to place the jumpman, the swoosh or the trefoil and let the whole world know which brand you’ve chosen.

11. ANKLE COLLAR- The ankle collar is reinforced or padded for comfort and support. This is particularly true in hi-top Basketball shoes.

So there you have it, there’s a whole lot more to the makeup of a shoe but this should be enough to keep you involved in the conversations in the local sneaker outlets!