Hundreds of UNRELEASED YEEZY Samples Shown To The Public – Kanye Forbes Interview:

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In a recent interview with Forbes Magazine, Kanye West (creator and head of Yeezy) has shown hundreds of unreleased samples to the public for the very first time.

Within the interview, Kanye answers questions on the design behind the shoe, as well as he explains it is not all about the sales to him, but the creative design behind each one of his works of art. From this picture alone, we can see hundreds of new silhouettes as well as a variety of colourways yet to release – many of which never will.

An in depth look at this sneaker circle shows the anticipated Yeezy 451 in a variety of styles, coupled with the new Yeezy 350 v3 design, which has also been rumoured to release for a number of months now. Kanye unfortunately sheds no light on which models will be releasing, but we as avid Yeezy fans can only hope for the best and as many to release as possible. 

As Kanye once said, ‘anyone who wants Yeezys, will have Yeezys’ and from the looks of this interview, the amount potentially releasing in the near future could make this statement true. Although I am glad with the amount of upcoming designs of the new shoes, many people disagree as the Yeezy bubble is seemingly going to burst. The more designs out there, the more stock and therefore the hype behind the brands dies, resulting in many resellers and collectors not wanting any new shoes. They feel it is a bad decision for the brand itself as it is edging to more general release rather than the previously limited and hard to come by sneaker. What is your opinion on the situation as a whole, do you like the designs previewed in the interview? Or are you against Yeezy and prefer ‘Checks over Stripes” as Travis Scott said. Voice your opinion below, stay tuned for more upcoming news and releases here at InsideTheTrends.

How to Cop the new Supreme X Pearl Drum Kit for RETAIL!

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Wow! Here it is, the week all Supreme collectors have been waiting for, the most anticipated release of the season, and what a week for it to release. The Supreme x Pearl Drum Kit will be releasing at 11am GMT on Thursday 6th June 2019 in an online exclusive drop, with rumours of an extremely limited supply of stock, just know if you get your hands on this piece you are one lucky buyer.

Here is a guide provided by us here at InsideTheTrends in order for you to maximise your chances of copping this item at retail price, which is at the minute $4998 + shipping, so still a vast amount of money, but if you have the funds available then it’s a definite. Not only is this piece extremely limited to ~60 units worldwide (unconfirmed), but with pre-orders of upwards of $18,000, you as a collector and/or reseller are not going to want to miss out on this.

Below is our guide on how to increase your possibilities of copping this insane item, however please note this will not in any way guarantee that you will  be able to purchase, but we have had major success in the past using this MANUAL method (no bots necessary):

Step 1 : Purchase an item from Supreme before this drop, this will allow your delivery address detailed to be filled in saving valuable time –

Step 2 : Use some form of auto-filling method for your card details, we recommend Chrome Autofill to be the best method for this, many links can be found online stating how this method is used. Save your card details to your chrome account, and after a double click in the correct field when purchasing, a box like this (image below) should appear.

Step 3 : Fill in your cvc info, and pray that don’t get a reCaptcha or card decline. No methods of prevention are available that I am aware of so as long as you are fast enough, have completed all the steps correctly and get extremely lucky, you may, just maybe have a slight chance of copping this accessory tomorrow.

Good luck from us here at InsideTheTrends!

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