Potential Louis Vuitton x Nike Collaboration?!

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Louis Vuitton x Nike Collaboration in the works due to one individual?! Do you think that this collab could ever happen?
  • With the recent success of Virgil Abloh’s latest collection with Louis Vuitton having been appointed lead designer of this season, is there a possibility of the high-end fashion icon arranging and potentially designing a collab that we all need, but never imagined.
  • Rumors have arisen recently of the potential collab with some mock up images being produced about the potential design that could be implemented. The powerhouse that is Louis Vuitton could be in considerations with a collaboration with Nike to potentially branch out into a more accessible market for those who may not want to pay the high retails which Louis Vuitton offer. But why Nike? Nike has risen massively in popularity over the past few years, this can be due to their previous work with Virgil Abloh on “THE TEN” collection. Nike may want to branch out their brand even more into the more high end fashion industry having already worked with Off-White.
  • Virgil Abloh would play a huge role within this collab that could potentially happen, as he is currently the head of design at Louis Vuitton, and his previous success with the Off-White collaboration with Nike could prove vital if this was to ever take place. “THE TEN” has, in most Sneakerheads eyes revolutionised the game, with the resale value being 10x the retail of the product, the collaboration helped put Nike back in the front running of not only the sneaker community, but also playing a huge influence within streetwear. Virgil’s designs proved simple but yet had huge hype within the community, a huge factor which caused the Yeezy bubble to burst, Adidas falling behind and a new wave of high-end fashion collaborating with more affordable brands.
  • If this was to happen, another high-end fashion house collaborating with Nike, what do you think would happen to the likes of other high-street affordable brands such as Adidas? Would they fall further behind? Or would Adidas and other brands push further in order to compete with Nike? Personally, myself and many other members within the streetwear community would love to see a collaboration with Nike and Louis Vuitton, the possibilities could be endless, would there be more of a high-end fashion show feel with vast and extravagant designs, or a more basic and wearable design that could blow up and change the community?

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